Toronto-based The Movement Fam member Notion blesses us with an acoustic guitar-driven cut entitled ‘Out The Basement’. No drums, no percussion, just heartfelt lyrics with Derek Kelly strumming something wonderful.

The track is a bonus cut off his upcoming album “Heart On My Sleeve Music” which drops next year.

Check it out right away!!

Exclusive bonus track from Notion’s forthcoming 2015 debut album “Heart On My Sleeve Music”. Featuring Derek Kelly on guitar. 2015 is looking to be large for Notion, with the arrival of his debut album ‘Heart On My Sleeve Music’ scheduled for the
second quarter, along with an EP of both new and classics tunes recorded over live acoustic guitar. One song that will  appear on both projects is ‘Out The Basement’ (also the title of the EP), featuring with guitarist Derek Kelly; a soulful, catchy, brutally honest jam that truly captures the essence of Notion as an artist and as a man. “Money makin’, no  mistakin’, we gonna take it to the top from comin’ out the basement,” Notion postively proclaims in the hook


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