Noah Slee is back with an explosive visual for his new song titled “Do That”. The funk-laden vibrant track sees the dynamic singer go for gold as he blends his deep soul and r&b stylings in an effortless manner on the track that would keep your heads bopping from start to finish. The video is quite vivid too as we see Slee joined by an energetic voguing crew as they fully embrace the creative fusion of music and dance. Backed by the undeniable and infectious groove, Slee and his team deliver a stunning performance that speaks volumes as they fully express themselves in a every way from the very meticulous costumes and organic choreography.

For those that don’t know, voguing is a historic form of dancing, originating in the 1980’s from Harlem’s Ballrooms, which has strutted its way into the 21st Century with shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race and My House and has developed an entire culture for queer people of color. Speaking on voguing and his newest release, Noah shared: “Although I’ve never built the courage to walk a ball I’ve always felt at home and inspired every time I go. Having the Berlin vogue community involved in this song has been the highest honor


Noah Slee is currently crafting a brand new EP expected to arrive on the 22nd of November.


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