Nigerian producer Echo recently dropped this pretty impressive body of work titled Current Situation. It’s essentially a compilation featuring several Nigerian MCs and singers with Echo providing the soundscape. Current Situation as the title says deals with a myriad of topics/subject matter within the Nigerian context and much more.

Hit the play button above to stream it and DOWNLOAD Current Situation directly from HERE

Current Situation EP Breakdown

1. Church featuring Peter Clarke –

A very Sensitive  track that talks about religion, especially Christianity .. with the sampled vocals of Tunde Kelani,  explaining the sensible outcomes of putting your hopes in the south called ‘Churches’ and not in religion. Peter Clarke elaborates more on the topic and raps about the loss of essence in religion… – @itspeterclarke

2. Greenland Featuring Lauretta –

We’ve always complained about the situation about Nigeria. This track follows the same suit but lyrically and exceptionally performed by Lauretta.
Greenland will make you realise that if we drop or tribalism we will be better as we age. – @lauretta_orji

3. Real Sh!t Featuring MVP –

A classic track that will get you listening on repeat. Explains the life of a ghetto hood and an average Nigerian, the ups and downs one faces everyday. – @Mvp_mic

4. Days of Our Lives Featuring High M –

With the prolific rapper and poet, Havoc’s intro on the track to get you in the mood of listening to the story of the events of our lives. ‘ Its like we in a race ain’t no tag alongs, just a finish line up in sight, in this fight for gold…’. @iamHighM_

5. Telling the Truce Featuring D-Truce –

The talented rapper D-truce tells his own tale about the current situation in Nigeria. . Mostly about the economy, oil and power. @dustentruce

6. Redemption Featuring Lex –

A self explanatory track that will get you thinking and praying for redemption as Lex delivers bars about the topic and about himself.  @LexNGR

7. The Office Skit –

This skit is about a record label owner who wants to take advantage of a young and talented musician … didn’t all play out well for him as he didn’t get what he wants in his office. Listen.

8. Charged Up Featuring Dabu –

Dabu aka. Dabu the Gemini summarises the whole EP. A very thought provoking track, inspiring and motivational he dissects the almost 3 minutes rap track,  picking points from the whole tracks and giving a perfect rap joint. Listen as your ears will be exposed to real rap and punches from a charged up Rapper. @dabuthegemini

9. Epic Featuring Laycon –

This track points in all directions of the current situation in the world in general. . Mainly a food for the mind track, this track will change part of your perception. As the Psychologists Laycon pours out his feelings at a go. @itsLaycon

10. Self / Made Featuring Nawab –
Nawab, a very distinctive and different rapper gives us mouth watering advice in this two in one track. He advices the youth to stop waiting for government to do anything for them. @Nawab007

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