Niambi Ra is a songwriter and rapper, born and raised in Washington DC. masterfully moves between the genres of soul, R&B, and Hip-Hop as she delivers a uniquely distinctive intergalactic musical experience. This track right here which she has just shared with us, ‘See To Be (C 2 B)’, is a smooth Hip-Hop song that allows listeners to chill and groove at once. With its upbeat, relaxed fusion of classic Hip Hop, funk, jazz melodies and even an Acapella moment, ‘C 2 B’ is one of the songs that no matter where you are in the world, the music and lyrics transport listeners to their feel good place, where time, people and societal judgments are irrelevant.

In a time where Black bodies are still targets and images and videos of Black people suffering due to systemic racism are cluttering social media timelines, the beauty and Blackness portrayed in “C 2 B,” is exactly what audiences need. In her new single “C 2 B,” artist Niambi Ra, reminds listeners to remember the love they possess, find pleasure in the moment, forget the negativity and go with the flow in order to experience pure joy.

‘C 2 B’ has a transferable quality that allows for the upbeat vivaciousness to transcend beyond the music. Niambi Ra intends to inspire individuals to speak their truth and tell their stories by evoking love, strength, and unity in the spirits of audiences around the world.

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