Billboard is fast becoming a very underrated magazine in the eyes of yours truly. Some of my favourite underground and commercial artists have been featured in the magazine it’s self or on the Billboard website. That shows that not only do their researchers actually do their research but that they’ve have a passion for what they do. Here they take on the task of interviewing two men involved in quite possibly the most mouth-watering collaboration all year (RZA and Nas may have something to say about that later), John Legend and The Roots. This album is politically charged and I think the point the guys are trying to get across in the interview is that, the album is a reflection of America’s current state. The debate over the Ground-Zero Mosque proves highly relevant in this blend of 60’s sampling and political rhetoric.

Click HERE to read the interview.

The album is dope. A relaxer if you don’t want to be fussed with listening to lyrics and thought-provoking if you do. Either way it’s a refreshing soulful sound packaged up for your listening pleasure. Don’t believe me? Listen to the WHOLE thing after the jump. The album ‘Wake Up!’ is out the 21st.

Listen To The Whole Album After The Jump…

“Wake Up!” John Legend and The Roots by billboard


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