J-Live just blessed us all with a new track on his SoundCloud page. ‘Home Or Away’ comes from his forthcoming album S.P.T.A. In stores October 12, 2010 on Triple Threat Productions. The track will soon be available for download at www.j-live.bandcamp.com.

J’s one of those artists that  many of us seem to forget about, that is until he rises from beneath and hits us with another great album. ‘The Best Part’ and ‘All of the Above’ were to me, the ultimate, but in all honesty anything J-Live touches is certified dopeness. I myself am guilty of forgetting just how nice on the mic this man is….

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He rarely gets the mainstream recognition he deserves, something most underground artists struggle with anyway though it comes as even more of a surprise with regards to J-Live. His tracks often contain all the substance and consciousness expected from nice-with-it underground emcees, yet more often than not they have funky ass beats to match. Premo and Pete Rock on your debut album, anyone? Regardless though, I still got hyped as hell when the instantly recognisable whistles and horns of ‘Do That Shit’ came flooding from my TV speakers. It seems ‘The Wire’ isn’t just the greatest show that’s ever hit our screens for sheer acting and script-writing talent alone. The soundtrack featured was bananas.

The music constantly blasted from Avon Barksdale’s West Baltimore drug blocks paid dues to many Hip Hop greats but most memorable for me was certainly J-Live, and that isn’t the only time the show featured his music either. Hit me up if you spotted any other instances and feel free to comment on his past work.



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