Got news yesterday that Donwill of Tanya Morgan is due to release a solo album…sounds promising?!

Well here’s where it gets more interesting:

“Other group members Von Pea and Ilyas will also release thematic solo albums this year; Pea’s Got to Have It in the summer and Hello, Hell in the fall, respectively. Tanya Morgan collectively views this string of solo releases as a trilogy of albums, each adding a key piece to the Tanya Morgan foundation.”

Now…we did tell you to look out for Tanya Morgan in 2010…If you haven’t checked our Artist Spotlight on Tanya Morgan…you missing out.

DonWill – I See You (Unmastered)

Donwill – Night Time

‘Night Time’ off of the suburban Sprawl Lp

Don Cusack also marks the first time Donwill displays his productions skills. In addition to enlisting Tanya Morgan producers Von Pea and Brick Beats, as well as A-Plus and Keelay & Zaire, Donwill also produced one of the album’s 16 tracks, for the song “December 27th.” “Originally, I was going to use the concept for a short EP and had made all of the beats myself,” says Donwill. “One of those beats was a clear standout, so when I decided to expand the project into a full-length, and really give the album its proper due, I brought in other producers and used their beats along with mine. It really was just figuring what beats fit together best to create a common thread for the album’s narrative.”


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