Beastie Boys – Make Some Noise

Can this year get any better…just found this gem and got news that the Beastie Boys are currently in the process of finishing up a short film to be released this summer time…The hilarious all-star short will be featuring Will Ferrell, Seth Rogen, Danny McBride, John C. Reilly, Jack Black, Susan Sarandon and Ted Danson..

This is to coincide the new album release “Hot Sauce Committee Part Two”…the album will be out digitally on May 3rd and vinyl shipments will start a little later, and there’s all kinds of pruchase/bundle possibilities.

“Good people, please note, not unlike birthing a baby, or baking a batch of cookies, or picking grapes for wine, sometimes things need just a little bit more time to cook to come out just so. So our deluxe vinyl’s maturity date will be slightly different then the other formats. But please know that our corps. of engineers and experts have been on this, making sure the wait is worth it and that I can personally tell you that in my humble opinion, the test pressing of the vinyl sounded banging on my home hi fi.” – Mike D

Peep the trailer above and enjoy the recently leaked track “Make Some Noise” been bobbing my head all day to this.

More Info On Beastie Boys’s website

Via ThisBonusTrack


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