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Hey hey, just got something you think you’d like to talk about. danny13947 dropped a post on our forum (click to go to it) which provoked alotta interesting discussion:

Let’s face it, I think the WIB community is mature enough to address this taboo.

How prevalent a theme is marijuana in the hip hop scene? And why do you think that is?
The correlation is great in my opinion, marijuana is part of society, it’s like a global culture, and what is hip-hop? both underground and mainstream, it’s a reflection of culture and society, among many things.

Let’s have a conversation on this subject i think it’s rather interesting that half of my itunes library references the herb in one way or another…
And my itunes is almost like 3,000 strong!
with thanks to Bob’s compilations and WIB’s influence haha

anywho, share your opinions the floodgates are open.

So, why is weed so prevelant in Hip-Hop, that is, if it is at all? Does it reflect on us as a community? It’s an interesting subject, which can touch a nerve or two (which you’ll see if you read what people’s said so far), so dont hesitate to share your thoughts.

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