Sonny King and Pietro are artists with the organization Music for Love.  The organization was developed to spread awareness on charity projects, help people in need, and to support communities in different countries around the world.

Sonny and Pietro create and share music to demonstrate their devout commitment towards change. As they strive for peace and harmony they turn to the celebrated speech of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr..  His “Dream” offers hope even in today’s troubled times and suffering. Sonny and Pietro grasp a beacon of light from “I Have a Dream” to solicit help to heal the world.

“We Still Have a Dream” is the latest collaboration of Sonny King and Pietro. The video captures the elated smiles and life of all ages. The duo also captures authentic interaction with people from all walks of life. It is evident they will not turn their backs on MLK Jr.’s speech or our tarnished nation.

“Music for love take the pain away/from the heavens above and places far away/music for love let it light the way”

The percussions and upbeat sounds of drums blended with other instruments set the tone for this joyous message of peace and hope. Stream “We Still Have a Dream” here.

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