We can all relate to the pros and cons of being a workhalic. The emotional and physical trauma it brings is something we sometimes ignore for the worst. On the other hand, lyricist Ayentee shows us a different side of the coin on his aptly titled record titled “Workaholic”. Armed with a smooth flow, he shares his frustrations from being in the music industry and then some over a sombre, boom-bap backdrop. far from looking from sympathy, he gives the listener reasons why he won’t quit even when he is down as he plans to go the long haul till he reaches the apex.

“Workaholic” is off Ayentee’s 6th album My Retirement Plan IS Death which was released on August 17th, 2018. This album is a great departure from the upbeat optimism expressed throughout his previous work Automation Vacation. It is a moody and vivid look at the daily life of a retail clerk who feels left out of place in the rat race. With no clear finish line in sight, he flirts with the idea of creating his own. This is the type of slow drama that plays out in en mass. Ayentee is but one of many talented people who feel underutilized, trapped at a dead end job.

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