Nenjah Nycist’s latest entry in his N3NJVH SEASON is the soulful impassioned track titled “A Lot On My Mind”. Nenjah teams up with Rik O’ Neal on said track and to say the least, it’s nothing but dopeness.

Hit the play button and get down with the program.


Description: We all have those days. Rik O’Neal and Nenjah Nycist come with a common theme that we all can relate to. The song touches on the many things that affect us in our daily lives. Be it love, pain, politics, money, and life itself – it’s a lot on their minds.

Produced & shot by Ahmi. Edited by NenJah Nycist.
“A Lot On My Mind” is the 4th part of N3NJVH SEASON; a string of singles with accompanying visuals created by my team and I – “BLK KDZ.” Check the entire #N3NJVHSEASON series here.
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