Nashville, Tennessee, based hip-hop act Nate Rose shares a poignant, soul searching track titled “Blame Yaself”. The record has a solemn, gloomy feel and serves as the perfect backdrop for Rose’s profound lyrics as he dwells on life and its consequences. It’s easy to lay the blame on everything else when things are going wrong but when do we ever take the high road and look within for the answers?


Nate Rose is often referred to as the “James Bond” of rap for his debonair demeanor and emphasis on intellect. Rose participates in every level of artistry, having developed skills out of necessity for a thriving career. The production, graphic design, and video production collectively encompass his artistic vision, actively maintaining creative control over each stage of his work. Rose grew up in Cleveland, TN, a small city with a significant lack of a music scene. With limited resources available, Rose’s hand was forced to develop a plethora of skills to progress his career. His passion led him to studying music business at Middle Tennessee State University, developing his craft while settling in into a thriving artistic community.

Check out more of his music here.


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