Emerging UK singer Natalie Lindi returns with a new single “Divine Love” which comes after her song “Purple Shoes”. The singer continues to wow audiences and push musical boundaries with her edgy modern R&B/pop infused musical styles.  “Divine Love” is a brilliant anthemic love ballad that captures Natalie’s commanding vocal tones and angelic melodies rich in heartfelt songwriting. Over the warm piano arrangement, cinematic strings and drums, she pours adulations on that special someone in her life whose love fills her up with joy and bliss. The song also explores blossoming love and the immediate euphoria it brings to one’s heart.

Lindi has also been working with renowned production duo Blue Lab Beats. She co-wrote and performed the track “Brother” on their latest album, and has become their featured live vocalist. She has performed with them extensively, including Glastonbury and Jazzalida in Spain, numerous European dates, and a tour of South Africa.


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