London based New Zealand multi-talented rapper Name UL serves us a poignant message on his new record titled “Don’t Look Down”. The self-produced track has a mellow, reflective feel which fits Name UL’s smooth, engaging flow and relatable lyrical content. The emcee takes time to give us the perspective of a young artist pre-fame highlighting that he sure wants success but he is very well aware of all the possible pitfalls of stardom. The track is actually split into two and the second half has a more gloomy feel to it, this is where Name UL reflects post-fame showcasing both sides of the spectrum.


Name UL is a London based New Zealand Hip Hop artist, producer & songwriter. Since the age of 15 UL has been playing shows constantly. This includes supporting some of his heroes such as Action Bronson, Earl Sweatshirt, Vince Staples & Mac Miller to name a few highlights. As well as doing his first international shows in 2017 with dates in the UK and Germany, UL has been keeping a consistent output of releases on Spotify & Apple Music which has gained him much popularity in all corners of the globe. Known for his honesty and passion for the art form, UL is constantly in the studio trying to turn his day to day experiences into music and tell his story. In 2018, UL released a 6-track EP called DONT4GETME.

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