LA-based mc EMAN8 kicks off the end of the week on a fun-filled note as he drops his new single “Oh No!”. The multi-faceted act blends his love for slick R&B melodies and the undeniable hip-hop swag into the track. Over the bouncy, lush soundscape, Eman8 showcases his smooth flows accentuate by relatable lyrics as well.

Eman8 explains:

“The song sort of came about by accident. I was meant to be writing for another artist that day, but I was also going through some personal stuff with my girl so I decided I needed to get some stuff off my chest. The song was written in about 30 minutes based off our conversation. We all got so pumped when I laid down the vocals that instead of writing for another artist after we just spent the rest of that day working on it”.

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EMAN8 is an MC & artist from Saint Louis currently living in LA. Illuminating his own path, Eman8 radiates in the forefront of modern music, immersing audiences with pop sensibilities and R&B notes. Hoping to emanate the true authentic vibration of his experiences, soundscapes, and songwriting, EMAN8 combines hip-hop, soul, ska, electronic, & pop music with an edge that is simultaneously both prolific and transcendent. The name comes from his Jamaican middle name “Emanate” which means to “come forth”. First release Amen is out now!


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