Emcee Mr. SOS and producer/live musician Mr. Enok are the newest duo on the scene and their new single “Memory Fields” serves as the perfect introduction. Produced by Cashmere The Pro who crafts a soulful backdrop that oozes of nostalgia, the track showcases MR. SOS’ storytelling in full form as he takes the listener on a ride down memory lane. “Memory Fields” is taken from Mr. SOS & Mr. Enok’s new album “eleven/eleven” which was recently released. Stream/Buy HERE.


Though firmly entrenched in the Atlanta hip-hop underground it would see emcee Mr. SOS and producer/live musician Mr. Enok collaborative tracks are based somewhere throughout the cosmos. The sum of this work “eleven/eleven”, which drops on May 24th via Below System Records peppers references to interstellar travels and parallel universes while still grounded in lyrical witticisms and bottom-heavy beats.

Though Enok is the main producer of the album, there is some additional production on the project from Abeo Rzo, Ricky Raw and Davey Rockit. Melodic choruses and features come courtesy of Kendall Michelle, Lauren K, Abby Wren, Cashmere The Pro, WAKE and Kemet The Phantom. Speaking on the storyline for the project, SOS revealed that he is considering the album to be the soundtrack and that he is interested in expanding the concept into a multi-media or novelization if the fans are interested.

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