Genre-bending  Afrofuturist collective Mourning [A] BLKstar first came into the scene in 2020 with their debut album, The Cycle, which garnered them praise from different media quarters and was praised for their progressive and envelope-pushing conscious style of music. Their latest release “Literary Witches” is a profound and thought-provoking tune that explores the complexities of feminity, motherhood and the undeniable connection with nature. Bolstered by a rousing rock-soul-infused backdrop comprising hard-hitting drum grooves, electrifying guitar riffs and brooding textures, the collective delivers a soul-gripping tune ripe with commanding melodic runs and poetic lines like Lend me your ear/Black for the seeking/What you fear to hear From my mouth/Silent jewels/Undesirable Flailing limbs/Beating heart Against my breasts/ A vest I can’t part for bleeding out so“. The track’s dynamic arrangement slowly builds into a frenzy as audiences get drawn in by the siren-like vocals and enthralling layered harmonies. Still, the most important element is the songwriting style. It’s a mix of poetic motifs with metaphysical and spiritual undertones pinned by relatable themes.
The accompanying visual is self-directed and taps into the song’s theme with the use of off-kilter, somewhat psychedelic visual effects and engaging storyboarding that keeps viewers locked in from start to finish. “Literary Witches” is the lead singer from the collective’s new studio album Ancient//Future, slated for release next month on July 19 via Don Giovanni Records.



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