Virtual band Mōnki Bznzz and Queen of soul Maka team up for a 6 track body of work titled Sometimes it Rains in December. The project is an eclectic ode to the emotions that come after heartbreak.


The project is produced entirely by the Mōnki Bznzz band who makes use of a diverse and dynamic range of sounds. The band takes elements from alternative pop/rock, R&B/soul, and more as they aim to expand Maka’s musical tapestry beyond what she is known for. The listener is drawn in from the gripping opener “I remember” which dives into past love and emotional pain. It is bolstered by a cinematic soundscape that builds up slowly into a climatic punchy chorus as Maka reflects on the good times amidst the pain. The following track “Monkey Business” starts off as a rousing piece that comprises crunchy drums, deep somber synths peppered by Maka’s soulful melodic runs. Other tracks like “Sometimes” and “Jide Nu M” takes the EP into a different sphere with the former’s soul/pop sensibilities and the former’s sparse and neo-soul/hiphop layerings.

Maka sure sounds in her element on this project and delivers a cohesive performance that showcases her musical evolution and versatility. Mōnki Bznzz should be given their just due as well for crafting a tightly packed project devoid of fillers.

Get Sometimes it Rains in December on all DSPs here.


Keep up with Maka: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter

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