Here’s some that fresh you don’t seem to here anymore and over here at WIB value this type of golden sound.. Hailing from Poland DJ EPROM, DJBEN and DJSHORT “The Modulators” are gettin’ ready to release this instrumental project “Insert Coin” off Asfalt Records.. They release a little insight with dispersing this pleasurable preview of to what’s comin’ to a speaker near you.. Take notes, continue to read and support!..ghhheeeeaaa!

The album was developed over two weekends in August. This material is very spontaneous but very consistent as to composition and sound. All bits are production Eprom’a who had already often known as a freak and a lover of analogue old school instruments. The album is in the convention schoolowego tru hip hop straight from the 90s. There is no shortage on the the number of electronic composition. For much grooviących scratches hear bits EPROM, and Ben Short. But this is not simply scratching famous rap songs. Musicians often reach for live instruments and build them using piles melodic compositions of jazz records. For this reason, the album features many trumpets, vibraphones, flutes and piano.
Work on the recordings was inspired jazz recordings from the years 70’s where the musicians invited to the studio jammując recorded entire albums in a few days.
New in productions EPROM is his debut on the microphone. The track on the turntable modulator also gave guest DJ VOLT.
The whole material was mixed to tape in a home studio EPROM and then went for the best analog studio equipment in mastering JG Master Lab.
-VIA Soundcloud


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