Japanese DJ and Word Is Bond affiliate DJ FYO has once again blessed us with an exclusive mix.  You should know the deal by now from his previous mixes; 40 tracks blended with some additional gems showcasing the sounds of WIB and DJ FYO’s own musical palette.

Previous Beats To The Vibes mixtapes have now become available for download, you can find them via the link…


Shouts to DJ FYO and Shux Wun!

Continue reading for the tracklist…

1: Semuta/ Dr. Quandary (Shout Out by Shux Wun)
2: The Eutopia Mix/ MF Love
3: Space Bird Stomp/ Matty Melks
4: beat37/ Rokjoma
5: Afro B-Boy/ Teck-Zilla
6: Lawal’s Safe Return/ K Hands
7: Then/ Slippery Elm & AstroLogical
8: Orange Crush feat. Lurrell Low/ Kung Foo Grip
9: Wings feat. Elzhi/ Union
10 :Broad Factor (Bayk’d Remix)/ Quasimoto
11: Hornets Nest/ Jonti
12: Deep Winter/ Dibia$e
13: Drums Drums/ QN from SIMI LAB
14: October.11/ HashFinger
15: Searching/ OneofUs
16: Flying Fish/ uhoh
17: Gettin’ It Done/ Shag
18: Microphone Mizery/ Truth By Design
19: Yes Party People feat. Kero One/ Green Tea
20: Crass Machinery/ SiFunk
21: Dance With You/ SE1DavidE
22: Love Story/ Mecca:83
24: Nightlife/ Audio Dope
25: Simply Having/ Black Milk & Melanie Rutherford
26: Question/ First Notice
27: Sit Back Relax 1.0/ Moon Blazers
28: MCs Never Die/ Ace da Vinci
29: Lunar Jewels/ Moka Only
30: Masonic Vocals/ Planet Asia & Madlib
31: Hustlin/ Cru the Dynamic
32: Sad March/ Millelemmi
33: Vessels/ AstroLogical
34: New Cents/ Futuristic
35: Hypnopomic/ Illoquence
36: ceiling leak/ blue (aka isle child)
37: Spirited/ Liston
38: Dry Sun/ Nym
39: With You/ polographia
40: Pellicule/ 不可思議/wonderboy (R.I.P.)

The 40th track of this mix is dedicated to a MC who died June 23rd 2011, named Fukashigi/ Wonderboy (不可思議/wonderboy).  He released his first album last year, called “Lovely Labyrinth”, and this track “Pellicule” is the most notable track off from this album.  I personally do not know him and could not see him in my sight, but I would like to play his song on this mix to mourn his death.


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