Genre-bending jazz band known as mindswimmer deliver a mind gripping single that shows the immense talent that flows through their minds.  Their new record titled “Nephology.” is a 10-minute opus that feels like an aural journey into an unknown region beyond this Earth. I may have mistakenly classified them as a jazz band but to be fair they are pretty much hard to box in. Their approach is untethered and seamless as they fuse hip-hop, Soul, Jazz and futuristic elements leading to a product that somehow pushes the boundaries of recorded sound.

Nephology is a direct invitation for those who appreciate this style of music to break free from the shackles of self-restraint and embrace the glory of boundless self-expression and it’s taken from The Future Jazz Sounds of Mindswimmer which is the debut full-length album from the Chicago-based quintet.  Get it on Spotify

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