I been a real big fan of the music that comes out of Poland for a while now. For a country that has relatively little immigration coming in (at least, that is my understanding of it so hopefully that isn’t plain ignorance) it has a very strong identity in music that has typically African roots i.e. Jazz, Blues, Funk & Hip-Hop. I wonder why. Anyway, this is wonderfully demonstratated in Polish producer Metro’s latest album Antidotum 2: (Keep Funk Alive). It lives up to the title.

Metro – Nie Mam Czasu feat. Fisz & DJ Eprom

That dude Graf Cratedigger has provided some handy translations:

Fisz = Fish 

Nie mam czas = i dont have time

“I run like the wind, mr child in the mist
i dont have time for books and sex
runs the city, losing ground from under the feet
waves like a big boobs
the phone rings ring ring ring….. (…)”

Purchase: Metrowski.com

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