Metaphysical was born in Pasadena and raised in farming communities in Central California. Real name Phil Singer, the rapper first turned to rhyming as a young child. In 1990, he was Phil Fresh with a song on the Central Valley radio station B95 fm called ‘Back in Time’. In 1994, a car accident put him in a coma for a few weeks. He had to relearn how 2 walk and talk again. Inspired with another chance at life, he now spits real lyric. Now, DJ Chach and Metaphysical make music to wake the masses creating a musical and lyrical sound that will take you on a mental high and leave you wondering, “damn what was that?” when you come down. Combining his words with precisely produced beats to form mind blowing messages with songs, get your minds ready for Metaphysical. ‘Resin’ is the track for the grateful smokers who are about recycling marijuana for continuing your pleasures.

Hit up Metaphysical on his Twitter and Facebook to get proper familiar with him plus find more of what he’s been up to.

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