MeRCY gifts us with a cross country perspective in the visuals for his inspirational joint Head To The Sky. Shot on location in Colombia, MeRCY showcases the lives of the indigenes in a whole new light that is not so different from the rest of us but far from what the media usually portrays on our TV screens.

Hit the play button and get with the program.


After his visit to Cartegena, Colombia, MeRCY was inspired to deliver a video of a different outlook of the country that is often glorified as the cocaine capital. In the visual for “Head To The Sky” we get a more insightful and organic look into the country to U.S. like to view as a war torn and basically violent environment. He delivers a message of positivity and getting out of our own headaches and societal issues that we think hold us back. Despite the nonpresence of see.francis, his verse was still strong to standout. The motivational song is featured on MeRCY’s latest album, The Prestige 3, out now. Filmed by DeciBell Productions and Edited by A Fair Game Media.

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