Melo-X‘s ‘Handle It’ gets the visual treatment from director Paul Jung and as usual what we get is atypical, far from the norm rap video.

Musically Melo-X to me is someone who goes against the norm, his style may come out different but not out of place. Even his lyrics-which may not be too hard to decipher- shows the non linear approach he takes on each song. This one, for example, makes mention of the female posterior, the fourth planet of the sun, interstellar perfumes and a weird reference to the KKK all in one verse. Now before you go scratching your heads I would advise you all to just lean back and enjoy the spacey, atmospheric vibes ‘Handle It‘ has to offer.

Tune in and get with the program.

Remixing archetypal visual concepts, we take a journey with sonic creator, MeLo-X, through space and time. Paying homage to Sci-Fi films and classics by Jean-Luc Godard, “Handle It” combines the vernacular of Hip Hop and La Nouvelle Vague to take the artist’s vision to a new form of expression.

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