Producers never get their just due so we at TWIB always try to showcase the works of the men behind the boards as much as we can. MelodicDissonance whose newest materials aim to showcase the producer’s unique and somewhat experimental approach to making beats.  He hits us with 2 beats as shown below.

“Brain Too Heavy” is the first and starts off with a conversation between two individuals. The guy in the conversation is asking for advice from a woman who expertly breaks it down for him. The beat has a very solemn feel and progresses into a dreamy, reflective piece complete with lush synths, arps and pads.

The second beat titled “Pussy Is Power” follows similar themes as the first with a conversation between two dudes, an alpha male, and a nerd. This beat has a more gloomy feel with its ominous pads and strings. An added element is a vocal sample from J. Cole.

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