We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Igła – “Space opera: Memento mori”

Igła flips the script with “Space opera: Memento more” and brings his off-kilter production style to our list. The beat is pretty trippy and cinematic and his use of weird synths and arps sure keeps our attention.

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Pablo Eskobear – “Comin’ To Steal Your Lunch”


Pablo Eskobear is “Comin’ To Steal Your Lunch” with his new effort. The chill-hop beat is ripe with choppy vocal samples, rapid drum fills that switch into laidback drum grooves and a nostalgic horn section to complete the job.

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Epifania x Neurodiverse – “Maré”

“Maré” is a sublime and soothing piece delivered to us by Brazilian production duo Epifania and Neurodiverse. The beat is pretty solemn and has a cinematic feel underpinned by the layered textures and head-nodding grooves.

Orinch – “Sommernachtstraum (Instrumental)”

German producer Orinch shares “Sommernachtstraum (Instrumental)” with us this week. The production is ripe with deep synths, hypnotic sounds designs and the progression is quite dynamic as well.

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NOA Producer – “Where Are We Going?”

“Where Are We Going?” is a gripping and cinematic bat by German producer NOA Producer. The beat is somewhat trippy and packs a punch with a heavy bass-synth and solemn textures to match.

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Unamo – “Farewell”

French producer Unamo takes us into a whole different zone in “Farewell.” An experimental instrumental ripe with punchy drums, seamless transitions and explosive break downs that rise to a climax with introduction of new elements and sounds.


Capsvl – “All In”

Capsvl comes in with  “All In,” a laidback and somber instrumental that caught our ears. He employs solemn guitar riffs, warm basslines, and reflective piano chords to bring this home.



BoomBaptist – “Jerry Mane”

BoomBaptist‘s newest effort “Jerry Mane” flips the classic “Mary Jane” song by Rick James and the result is a rollicking head nodding piece. From the punchy drum grooves, surgical vocal chops, and lush synths plus some well-timed vocal samples from Redman, BoomBaptist delivers the goods with this one.

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Slo Five – “Cinnamon Tea”

Slo Five delivers this soothing jazz-infused jam titled “Cinnamon Tea” on our list. He blends smooth horns, warm basslines, and keys over a classic drum break.

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Ogi feel the Beat, Aleksandar Cupara – Black River”.

Ogi feel the Beat and Aleksandar Cupara team up to drop this track with Chill Select Label and it’s a real thrill. From the slick guitar riffs, warm textures, and dynamic arrangement, it sure hit the mark.
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RAF The Cool Nerd – “Days When It Rains On A1A”


RAF The Cool Nerd caught our attention with his new effort titled “Days When It Rains On A1A.” The track is a mix of trippy and gloomy synths, sparsely arranged drums, and moody strings to match.

Big O – “Everlasting Time” (Feat. CanCori)


Big O shares something refreshing in the form of this new release titled “Everlasting Time.” The jazz-infused beat features CanCori and it’s as nostalgic as they come. A nice fusion of warm textures, soft horns, and head-nodding grooves.

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Billy Hammer – “sinking”


Billy Hammer grips the soul with this heartfelt and reflective track titled Billy Hammer. From the solemn strings, nostalgia-inducing violins and pads and soft drum grooves, Hammer brings in a layered progression that keeps listeners locked in as new elements appear with each passing moment.



Anemoia – “about Wind”



Anemoia is an eclectic musical band made up of Armando Lopez, Aaron Lebos, and Andres Ferret. Their newest release “about Wind” is a dynamic song that is groove-centered and is ripe with dreamy textures, steady gripping pluck guitars that flutters in and out.


Kyle Quentin & The Kyles – “Archibald”

Kyle Quentin & The Kyles gift the list with this new effort titled “Archibald.” A mid-tempo jazzy beat chopped up in the style of Brock Berrigan and J Dilla. It’s quite groovy and has a nostalgic feel as well.

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Dj Brush – “better than words”

Rome, Italy-based producer Dj Brush caught us with his new release “better than words.” A sonically pleasing beat ripe with soft melodic piano chords, warm textures, thick drum grooves, and a narration that dives into the concept of music as a universal language

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Jaeji x Paul Sombric – “Birds_dt”


“Birds_dt” is a collaborative track between Jaeji and Paul Sombric and serves as a homage to the city of Detroit. The record is a somber piece ripe with soothing keys, gloomy strings with soft drum grooves, and field recordings of people from a rap battle outside The Fillmore on Nov 20. 2019 after a Schoolboy Q show.

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Ab The Audicrat – “High Crimes (Instrumental)”


Albany NY based producer Ab The Audicrat caught our ears with “High Crimes (Instrumental).” The track is as punchy as they come ad it’s ripe with soothing chords, alluring vocal samples, and a solid drum groove to match.

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MelodicDissonance – “ypsi”


MelodicDissonance closes the list with this reflective and somber piece titled “ypsi.” The track has sparse soft drums, airy textures made up of pads and synth stabs.

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