The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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KIDNAP‘s “TIMELESS” is a reflective tune that dives into self-doubts and withering motivation as an artist who gets questioned about his life choices. Over the sombre and warm backdrop, he touches on many issues he has to deal with from naysayers and detractors and he gives them a direct response with this track. “Timeless” is the final track on Kidnap’s introspective EP, Waking Up.



Krayma – “No Surprise”

UK hiphop act Krayma delivers his brand of alternative rap in the form of his new release titled “No Surprise”. Over a moody and haunting upbeat soundscape, he gives a stunning performance ripe with fiery raps and lyrics that dwell on having self-belief and holding on to one’s true core.




Frank black – ‘Kick Back and Relax

Emerging emcee Frank Black comes through with the afforest infused jam titled ‘Kick Back and Relax”. Like the title says, it dwells on having a good time and basking in the good moments and dancing away one’s sorrows and stresses away.





J Cru – “Flight 2218”



J Cru take off to the skies in “Flight 2218”, a cinematic and punchy track that showcases the duo’s versatile and experimental approach to rap. Backed by the urgent backdrop, the duo delivers a fiery rap performance that keeps listeners locked from start to finish.





iLLAH – “Bad Intentions”

Canadian emcee iLLAH releases his new single “Bad Intentions” from his forthcoming project. Backed by a bouncy and cinematic backdrop provided by Sunya, iLLAH drops a plethora of aspiration bars about having a great work ethic, integrity and being true to oneself at all times.



R Dotta – “Hands Up! (Da Muthafuckin Anthem)”

R Dotta presents “Hands Up! (Da Muthafuckin Anthem)”, a go-getter tune made for those who put in work. He makes use of a laidback and somewhat moody backdrop to share his hustler tales and the ups and downs of trying to bring home the bacon.


Sorce Manifesto – “First Draft”


Toronto-based emcee Sorce Manifesto presents the “First Draft” taken from his new EP entitled Shoot The Breeze. The record is a jazz-infused track made up of heavenly and sublime horns, lush strings, and mellow drum grooves. Sorce delivers a reflective and vivid performance ripe with somewhat abstract and thought-provoking lines.



Nazzy the Mic – “Sea and Sky”

Nazzy the Mic‘s newest release “Sea and Sky” is a love-laden trap ballad that sees her teaming up with label mate Mizxy Slime. Over a punchy but somewhat off-kilter backdrop, the duo shares their experiences with this thing called love with Mizxy setting it off with his choppy flow followed by Nazzy’s smooth melodic flow.


Marvo Fivestarsz – “No Hero”

Peckham-based MC Marvo Fivestarsz drops a new single “No Hero” which dives into the concept of a selfless man who is fed up with people taking advantage of his kindness and decides to flip the script.


Tracy Lamont – “Watch & See” (feat. sonnyb.)


Tracy Lamont teams up with sonnyb for “Watch & See” a smooth unapologetic tune that implores the haters and naysayers to watch the duo’s growth. The duo takes time to reflect on their journey thus far and how far they plan to go.


F.ACE – “2 2 Shots”


UK emcee F.ACE goes for an anthemic jam titled “2 2 Shots” which sees him employing a cinematic orchestral backdrop and dropping some vivid bars about living life.


TL Grace – “Daddy’s Girl”


TL Grace‘s “Daddy’s Girl” is a heartfelt and reflective tune about a girl who got exposed to the good life and has lost her way in the process. From doing what she wants, getting around, and acquiring material wealth by doing underhanded things. It’s quite solemn and sad all at once.


Booker J. – “More”


Booker J‘s new single “More” is him getting more out of life by aspirational methods. Over a smooth punchy backdrop, he implores himself and listeners to always step out of his comfort zone in order to achieve goals


Keyon – “King”


Canadian rapper Keyon gets into his element in his new release “King”. The track is upbeat and cinematic with its rousing synths and thick bass-laden drums. Keyon goes forth to claim his territory with a go-getter mindset and fiery bars to match.


Lalo Lloyd – “Sky Raps”


“Sky Raps” by Lalo Lloyd is a jazz-infused mellow track filled with insightful and relatable rhyme schemes. He sprinkles a blend of bravado with aspirational elements as well.


ReSrface – “Fly (Alright)”


ReSrface‘s new single “Fly (Alright)” is a heartfelt and introspective tune that sees him running through his recent experiences. Over a choppy and punchy backdrop, he reassures us that everything will be all right even though he is going through hard times.


Elaine Kristal – “I Am”


Singer/songwriter Elaine Kristal drops the new song “I Am” which stemmed from a 20-sec clip she released on TikTok that amassed a large viewership. The uplifting tune is filled with aspirational themes and sultry melodic runs that grip the ears.
Here’s a link to 1 of the videos for reference here.


Abel. – “shower boy”


Emerging singer/songwriter Abel makes her entry on our list with her new single “shower boy”. The sensual tune is ripe with sultry melodic runs and candid lyrics laid over a moody and punchy soundscape that blends R&B and alternative pop.


Matt.Koy x Supa Dupa – “Garden Work”


Matt.Koy and Supa Dupa team up for “Garden Work”, a mellow bouncy record that dives into the concept of having a solid work ethic and playing the long game instead of instant gratification.


GEEK – “Godlike”


GEEK’s “Godlike” is an anthemic tune that is ripe with thick bass heavy drums, cinematic synths, and moody textures. On the mic, GEEK goes for the jugular with a commanding vocal performance and bravado rhyme schemes.


M Saif – “Pick Up”


M Saif‘s new song “Pick Up” is the final song on his three-track EP, Live From Bay Street. The song is a soulful tune that sees him digging deep into his struggles and journey as a fledgling artist and young man trying to get his feet on solid ground.


mark vasquez – “Riverside Winds”


SolCal native mark vasquez delivers some uplifting vibes in the form of this new single titled “Riverside Winds”. Over a guitar-laden and laidback groove, he delivers an adulation-filled performance that listeners can appreciate for its honesty and heartwarming lyrics.


Speak x $tonehardt x J(X) – “Money in the Shoebox”


“Money in the Shoebox” is a gritty and reflective tune by Speak, $tonehardt, and J(X). The trio makes use of a punchy and cinematic backdrop to share their past struggles and the craziness they have experienced.


Daryll Joseph – “skressful!”

Canadian emcee Daryll Joseph helped close the list with his new release titled “skressful!”. The track has a punchy drum groove with moody textures that work well with his reflective lyrics about how life can be stressful but he is more than enough to go through the tough times.

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