Producer/rapper Jordan D. Mitchell shares with us two singles that encapsulate his life’s journey. The first of these is “Basura,” a piece that sees the rapper explore a handful of topics ranging from gang violence, relationship with women, and the eternal inner struggle of finding oneself. Over a mellow, solemn backdrop he takes time to detail his personal experiences and shares with the listener all the ups and downs he is going through.

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The second track titled “Sobriety” is about being under the influence. Consumed by the mind-bending effects of alcohol and recreational drugs, he takes the listener deep into the mind of a self-destructive individual. It’s something everyone can relate to and sure has some insightful elements for us to ponder over.

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Jordan D. Mitchell is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, mariachi, producer & rapper born in Atlanta, Georgia but raised in Stockton, California. His composition abilities ranges from Neo-Romantic to Boom-Bap Trap music. Mitchell’s music is explores race, Freudian psychology, escapism, surrealism, and adult humor through hood tragedy. Growing up in both southwest Stockton & South Sacramento his music captures the trauma of gang violence, poverty and class. He went to University of California, Santa Barbara to earn his degree in composition and released his first mixtape to local success in early 2019, blending jazz, Japanese city pop, mariachi, trap & hip-hop. Blowing up with satirical songs such as Sancho & Bird J.D.M popularity grew phenomenally in the college town of Isla Vista. While satire was the goal of DTMD, he released two side projects: a lofi beat tape called After We Study and Doctor Tasmanian, Vol. 1 a musical ode to gothic horror and anime.


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