Emerging emcee Marsiell teams up with producer Rhetoryk for a 7-track project entitled Trust The Process. The project dwells on walking one’s own path no matter the obstacles or hurdles and being patient with the outcome.

The project opens up with “Golden”, which serves as a semi-autobiography of some sort. Here, Marsiell takes us down memory lane into his world and the different family members and experiences that help shaped his life for better or worse. The track has a mellow soulful texture and samples Jill Scott‘s classic tune of the same name. This is followed by the piano-driven Death Around the Corner” which dives deep into the daily struggles he faces. From fighting his own demons and flaws, he finds a way to walk through the darkness and found the light. The energy switches up with the punchy “Sip The Henny” which dwells on alcohol dependency and how he used the bottle to numb the pain and hide from life’s troubles. He digs deep and shows us how his soul searched through almost drowning in the bottle and somehow floated to the surface. “Strides” makes use of a somber soundscape and follows Marsiell’s journey through this thing called life as he tries to reach the apex. “Self Love” is another reflective record made up of somber piano keys and nostalgia-inducing sounds that blends perfectly with Marsiell’s poignant lyrics about the lack of support and love from people around. The project closes with “Unspoken (Time)”, a soulful tune that details the dynamics of friendship, loyalty, and being resilient with one’s goals.

Dawn & Dusk” is taken from his older releases and it’s quite a heartfelt and thoughtful jam that shows us the ups and downs of the world and how it affects him in many ways. 

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