Producer Marian Tone brings forth something wicked on his latest project EP One, an instrumental EP backed by live instrumentation from several musicians including himself (he plays the drums on this one). I particularly love the texture and feel of the EP, which is very relaxing, surreal and easy to vibe along to.

This is pure dopiness if you asked me.

This record is a piece of the soul of Marian Tone. It is more than a beatmaker tape. He recorded many different instruments for example Saxophone, Guitarron, Bass, Violin, Drums, Jazzpiano, different percussions and many more. All tracks are produced and arranged by himself. In collaboration with Trashpuzzle Berlin Marian Tone produced a video for the track “Soulgirl” which is made with a lot of patchwork, love and creativity.

Produced, written & mixed by Marian Tone

Musicians: Natali Funk (Sax), Keys Richards (Keys), Tilman Tschacher(Bass/Guitarron), Sabine Bremer (FX Violin), Marian Tone (Drums/Percussions). 

[wpsharely]Purchase EP One: iTunes[/wpsharely]

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