NY emcee Maniacal makes his way to our site with 2 tracks that dive into his life story and experiences.

“My Rhymebook” is the first cut on deck and it’s built on a solemn cinematic piano riff and emotion-driven vocal sample. The track dives into how writing served as a form of therapy for Maniacal. Through thick and thin, the rhyme book has always been there for him.

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The second song “Goodbye” has a very introspective and melancholic feel with its smooth keys, soulful vocals. Maniacal takes us back to his childhood and details how not having a real mother or father figure in his life affected him in many ways. He sure doesn’t quite wallow in his sorrow and sees hope in his progress and being a father himself gave him the impetus to do better than his progenitors. Maniacal delivers his verses with such passion and doesn’t hold anything back. It’s quite heartwarming and honest to the core.


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