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TELLIE FLOYDD, Tommy5k – “THE KIDS ARE GOING CRAZY” (feat. Tellie Floydd)

TELLIE FLOYDD and Tommy5k team up for “THE KIDS ARE GOING CRAZY”, a vibrant and bass-heavy track that dwells on modern life and how things have changed thus far. As the title suggests, the duo reflects how the proverbial kids have gone crazy with the rise in materialism and hedonism in the hip-hop culture.


Precious Joubert – “Aretha (The Realest)”

Singer/Songwriter/Producer/ Actor Precious Joubert caught our attention with her newest release “Aretha (The Realest)”. Armed with her rich melodic vocals, she delivers a soul-gripping performance over a classic Mobb Deep instrumental and makes it her own.


K.I.R.B. – “Mi Realidad”


K.I.R.B.  returns to our site with “Mi Realidad”, a heartfelt track that sees the rapper reflecting on the reality of life in his city. Over a sombre and moody backdrop, he takes us on a tour through the back streets of the decaying urban setting and how the system keeps certain minorities downtrodden and deficient.



Hairo G – “Lovely” (feat. Ray Dolla)


Hairo G teams up with Ray Dolla for “Lovely”, a heartfelt adulation-filled track that explores his love and relationship with that special someone. Backed by a rich and soulful backdrop, he pours his true feelings on wax and he’s joined by Ray Dolla who interpolates the melody from the classic Stevie Wonder song and turns it into something modern and alluring.


Maniacal – “Why They Mad For” (feat. Alex Gaston)

Maniacal‘s newest release “Why They Mad For” sees him teaming up with Alex Gaston for an upbeat anthem for the go-getters and a warning to the detractors and naysayers.


Dvalor – “Fallen Angels” (feat. Jurdan Bryant, Xiolynn, RIVA)

Rising Providence, Rhode Island-based producer Dvalor shares his new single “Fallen Angels” featuring artists Jurdan Bryant, Xiolynn and RIVA. The track is made up of solemn pads, strings and punchy drums underpinned by introspective and insightful bars that center on finding one’s true self in an unforgiving jungle concrete. The single is taken from Dvalor’s forthcoming album As Long As I’m Alive.



Hairo G – “Dear Jigga”


Hairo G makes his second entry on our playlist with “Dear Jigga”, a reflective open letter that brings listeners closer to the mix of the action and how the gears work in his stomping grounds in Harlem, New York.




Mr Jones – “Decades”

Rapper/songwriter/record label executive Mr Jones drops his new release “Decades”, a punchy and dark track that explores the ups and downs of his journey as an indie artist. He reflects on the many events, experiences and hurdles he had to face to get to his goals.



Jaxamilli – “It Was Written”


Jaxamilli returns to our playlist with “It Was Written”, an aptly titled track that is ripe with vivid and introspective raps about his faith in God. The solemn piano-driven backdrop sets the tone as Jaxamilli delivers his verses with much passion and vividness.



Larken Sparks – “Second Chance”.


Larken Sparks and REVO team up for this reflective and heartfelt track titled “Second Chance”. The track has a solemn and melancholic feel and sees the emcees dwelling on the concept of second chances and making the best out of it.




Keat – “Got It All”


Charlotte, NC-based rapper/songwriter Keat delivers this relatable track titled “Got It All”. The track sees Keat reflecting on real-life issues ranging from career choices, and financial troubles and balancing it with being creative.




Leroy Curriculum – “Carry On”.


Leroy Curriculum‘s “Carry On” is about mustering the strength to push on during tough times. The production has a moody and solemn feel and Leroy’s impassioned flow is ripe with insightful bars that listeners can relate to in many ways.



Dswillrock4jesus – “Heart’s Perfume”

Dswillrock4jesus drops “Heart’s Perfume”, an inspiration and faith-themed track that explores the rapper’s religious beliefs and faith. The production is smooth and soulful while his lyrics are candid and unapologetically declare what he will do to maintain his faith.



Janssen – “GOOD DAY


Rapper/songwriter Janssen is all about having a “GOOD DAY“. The song has a feel-good and summery vibe with its bright keys, rich xylophones and head-nodding drums. The message here is to have a positive attitude in life to be able to push through the craziness of this unforgiving world.



SHOWTIME RAMON – “Gem Spitter”

Sacramento rapper Showtime Ramon returns with “Gem Spitter“, a hard-hitting track ripe with scenic and cinematic beats courtesy of King80Industries and Ramon’s stream-of-consciousness raps.


Phat Kat – “Dedication To The Suckers”


Veteran Detroit emcee Phat Kat pens a befitting “Dedication To The Suckers” in his latest release. The hard-hitting jam is a pure display of bravado raps and no-holds-barred delivery. The track is taken from Phat Kat’s EP of the same name. The EP was originally released in 1996 and now is being remastered for today’s consumption. Purchase/stream on All Digital Stores and vinyl Pre-Order here.




YungParadise – “Gone”

Uprising Australian rapper YungParadise shares his heart in his new song “Gone”. The solemn tune produced by MixedByCrimzi is made up of sad keys and warm pads with soft drums that help YungParadise paint his vivid pictures. The lyrics dwell on personal loss, love loyalty and the determination to go against the odds in order to achieve success.





Edy joshimar – “INSPIRACION”

Minatitaln Veracruz-born rapper Edy Joshimar pours out his true emotions and thoughts on wax in his new release titled “INSPIRACION”.  Armed with his distinct emotive flow and insightful songwriting, Edy delivers a solid performance that lovers of Spanish rap can relate to. He is currently based in the state of Baja California Sur


Navitas – “Resolution”.


Australian rapper Navitas comes through with “Resolution”, a hard-hitting and introspective track that draws from personal aspirations and the need to exhibit drive and ambition in order to make something out of nothing. The production has a cinematic and dark feel and the insightful lyricism matches the energy while the melodic hook helps tie it up together.


Ponyc – “Humble Me” (feat. Daphya, Bison.fc, R.cineus & Lyphe)

“Humble Me” is the much-needed triumphant anthem brought to us by Ponyc who also brings in fellow artists Daphya, Bison.fc, R.cineus and Lyphe to join him on this mission. Over the rousing and vibrant production, the emcees deliver aspiration-driven bars that aim to implore listeners to always strive for the apex and not allow detractors to put them down.


Reyan – “Not Enough”

Reyan‘s “Not Enough” is a reflective track that explores his daily struggles and the events around him that made him who he is. Bolstered by the soulful vocal-driven backdrop, Reyan goes forth with fiery flows and vivid lyrics that take listeners deep into the mix of the action.


No Play – “My Brothers” (feat. David Garry)


Bronx NY/ Highbridge-based indie artist No Play teams up with vocalist David Garry for this heartfelt track titled “My Brothers”. Over a solemn soundscape made up of moody textures and hushed drum grooves, No Play sends a dedication to his lost brothers who got swallowed by the streets.


George Wilson – “Classy Freak”


Singer/songwriter/producer George Wilson marks his entry on our playlist with “Classy Freak”. The track is smooth and groovy with its rich keys, crisp drum groove and Wilson’s layered melodic runs and unapologetic songwriting that shows us his own definition of what a “Classy Freak” is.


A-MVN – “Black Barbie”

UK rapper A-MVN introduces us to his new “Black Barbie”, a mid-tempo and bouncy track that pays ode to all melanin women who are classy and unique. Over the afro-fusion soundscape,A-MVN details his preference with much gusto and gives listeners a blend of musical styles that showcases his versatility. The track is produced by London production duo Trey Qua and Connor Mullally.


A-F-R-O – “Battleground”


Super lyricist A-F-R-O takes us deep into the “Battleground”. The track is a war-themed track that sees the rapper employing his distinct versatile cadence, and vivid lyricism laced with insight and bravado. The production is quite engaging and has elements of cinematic textures, funky guitar riffs and smooth grooves that change as the song proceeds.


Mickey O’Brien- “Alchemy” (feat. Low U aka Adam Bomb & D-Sisive)”.


Mickey O’Brien recruits rap duo Low U (D-Sisive and Adam Bomb) for “Alchemy”. The lyric-dense track is as edgy and cinematic as they come with its hard-hitting production courtesy of Fresh Kils and no-holds-barred raps from the trio of emcees.
There are other contributions on the track ranging from Geoff McCauslan on violin, Zach Clement on keys, and DJ Versatile’s cuts on the hook which utilizes MOP vocal samples.


INNOMUNO – “Roora”


Zimbabwean artist INNOMUNO caught our ears with his new single “Roora”, a heartfelt ode to his home country and the traditions of love as it pertains to his culture. Over a soothing guitar-laden backdrop, INNOMUNO shares a heartfelt tale of a young man’s promise to his beloved, assuring her that their dreams of marriage are well within reach. The track is bolstered by INNOMUNO’s rich vocal runs and fusion of languages that paint a vivid picture of the essence of true love.



Randy Beth – “Safer searching” (feat. TK the Architect)


New York-based singer/songwriter Randy Beth teams up with TK the Architect for her new single titled “Safer Searching”. The track is a heartfelt track that dwells on love, longing and having undeniable feelings for that special someone. The production is dreamy and ethereal and Randy’s heartfelt lyrics and rich melodic tone take precedence and keep listeners locked in from start to finish.




Swervus x High Sunday – “bass mint wind hos” (feat. High Sunday)


What’s the Hippocratic oath to a hypocrite” is the thought-provoking question Swervus and High Sunday ask on “bass mint wind hos”. Over a lively and jazzy soundscape, the emcees give an unapologetic take on political corruption and how minority communities often get the short end of the stick. The rappers leave no stone unturned and leave listeners with something to ponder.


Christopha – “Let It Go”


Christopha continues his streak of releases as he drops “Let It Go”, which is the 19th release from his 26 miles and running series. The track sees the rapper employing melodies in his own unique way and delivers a soothing hushed performance ripe with feel-good vibes. He implores us to sit back, cut out the negative vibes and appreciate the small wins and blessings.



SWEETS – “Fireplace”


UK emcee SWEETS plants his feet on our playlist with “Fireplace”, a rich cinematic piece ripe with impassioned rapper and vivid lyricism. Bolstered by the driving backdrop, SWEETS details the never-ending cycle of life were we all fall into and hopefully come out from unscathed.

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