New Zealand born production duo Krispy & The Pooch are back in the field with a brand new 4 track EP titled Drop The Needle EP. The project pays homage to classic 90s hip-hop with a blend of boom-bap drum arrangement, excellent DJ cuts, soul/jazz, and fusion of rap and R&B.

The opener “Groovy Buzzy” doesn’t waste time in setting the tone and punches through the speakers with it’s vibrant and fun-filled energy. From the cheerful horns, bouncy grooves, and carefree raps, the duo gives the listener the best of both worlds of fresh instrumentation and songwriting. The follow-up is the track and rap fans obviously know the title is a slight nod to hip-hop and the classic line from the legendary Rakim. The track has a laidback, soulful texture that totally fits the smooth melody laced flows from Zoe Angelina while Matt Paull shines with his piano arrangement. Vocalist J.Lamotta and pianist Matt Paull appear on “The Gutter”, a  solemn and somewhat reflective cut that aims to inspire everyone who might be in the doldrums. The final track s an instrumental version of Drop The Needle EP.

Album art by Serge Coates-Chitty


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