Emerging rapper Mamadou makes his way unto out site with this heartfelt single “Small Caskets” that details the death of Tylik Allen.

Backed by an ominous texture interweaved with a classic sample, Mamadou draws the listener in as he reflects on Allen’s death from 2 distinct perspectives. In the first verse, he makes use of a high pitched fx to portray Allen from the afterlife as he ponders on what is next for him. He touches on the circumstances of his death and with disbelief, he just has to come to terms with reality with lines like “…no more goodbye, goodbye, mama duke, can you hear me?/I am too young to die, yo can anybody feel me, I’m a good guy, good guy, my only goal is reaching twenty/ Don’t wanna see God, yes, I’m hoping his soul is with me…”  The second verse sees Mamadou reflecting on how Allen’s death affected him and probably changed him in many ways.

“Small Caskets” is the emotional climax of Mamadou’s debut album To Stitch A Rose.

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