MADic‘s latest single “Still Stressin'” is as personal as it gets as it explores the rapper’s battle with anxiety, and stress stemming from a panic disorder diagnosis in 2019. The song sees him candidly speaking about his journey from normalcy to an almost complete mental breakdown. Backed by the moody and solemn backdrop, MADic paints a picture of a man lost in his own devices and instead of seeking help, he looks towards substances to help him drown out the noises in his head. Lines like “Time ticking, ain’t no going back/Notice that it’s only forward where the horrors of unknown is at/Where your death lie, you hope they take the next guy/This high-pressure heat, it got me melting like the polar caps” show how deep he went into the proverbial rabbit hole and the untold consequences.

Overall, “Still Stressin'”  is a reminder of the painful memories that come with unchecked mental health and hopefully, people going through similar situations can learn from it.





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