In March of 2011, Mac Miller revealed that he and legend DJ Jazzy Jeff were collaborating on a new project. He has recently revealed that his upcoming mixtape ’92 Til Infinity will be release early in 2013. Miller explained that the concept for the new mixtape is that he would rhyme over beats produced by some of hip-hop greats of the 90’s. In his words he says that this project will reveal younger fans to hip-hop greats and some of Mac’s personal favorites.

His plan didn’t exactly work out with previous releases like his hit single “Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza” where he rhymed over Lord Finesse’s classic beat “Hip 2 Da Game”. He ended up with a $10 million dollar lawsuit filed by attorneys. Mac hopes that with help from DJ Jazzy Jeff he can hook up with some classic producers and release this mixtape, although no producers names have been thrown out there yet.

Mac Miller is an acquired taste in the new school hip hop game and you either love him or hate him. This mixtape is taking a lot of heat for fans of classic hip hop saying he will ruin the classics these producers dropped while others say that it is living on the legends of 90’s hip-hop. Whats your take on it?


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  • Steez

    Oh please… Imagine someone like Biz Makie doing it – noone would ever question it. I think Mac Miller’s intentions are good, and introducing old classics to newcomers isn’t exactly evil. How is sampling or re-using the old classics something that “ruins” them? The “worst” thing that can happen is the Mac Miller fans favouring his take on the classic beats, that they wouldn’t otherwise have known.

    All this hating on sampling old classics (be it hip-hop, soul, or whatever) is counter-intuitive to all the struggles hip-hop had against the music corporation during the golden days. If the kid wants to flip a Premier track I’d love to see it, and I’m not even a Mac Miller fan.


  • teck

    At least give the kid a chance. It’s a concept which I reckon is brilliant to some degree and I’m not even a Mac Miller fan. I remember PR getting mad at Lupe for using T.R.O.Y. Did Lupe destroy the track? no, in my opinion but hey everyone is entitled to each or her thoughts. Let’s see how Mac Miller does with this here mixtape