“Dinosaurs” is the newest single from Lupe Fiasco and producer Kaelin Ellis who recently thrilled us with the profound single “Shoes.” Still following the singular thematic approach, “Dinosaurs” sees Lupe diving into the complexities of human evolution from the ice age to modern times. The concept alone is pretty off the charts and Fiasco’s approach is surgical, thought-provoking, and very relatable.

Sonically Kaelin Ellis’s melancholic beat serves as the right backdrop, it’s not overpowering but the moody keys and thumping drums are not forgettable either and the sparse arrangements sure lend its strengths to Lupe’s laidback flow and multi-layered lyrics. The part that really got me is the T-rex break down with lines like “…Tyrannosaurus Rex wasn’t the smartest of the smartest/But you wouldn’t wanna box with the short-armed. carnivorous martial artist/You ain’t gotta be the sharpest saw to slice the sausage of the largest ninja star in all of Harlem…”

It’s very critical to say that Lupe is just not stringing words together but using the Giant reptiles as an analogy to how humans are now,  from the weakest to the strongest and the natural instinct of self-preservation. Waste no time and hit the play button.





4. SHOES (ft. Virgil Abloh)

5. LF95

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