Two announcements from Lupe Fiasco’s highly anticipated Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album Pt 1, as he announces the cover will just be a plain black square, after debuting the video for ‘Bitch Bad’ on RapFix Live last night. Both are interesting and worth paying attention too; read more below.

First up: the cover art. You can see it above. Yeah it’s a plain black cover – the reasons why haven’t been put out there but if it’s to reflect the theme of the album (basically American culture and society) or to remind people he’s still black in a mainstream dominated by white folks, kinda like Prince did with The Black Album, or something else, there’ll be a reason.

Second: an official video for ‘Bitch Bad’, the second single from Food & Liquor 2. I was unsure about the track initially – and I made my reservations known – but in context with the video, which is one of the best I’ve seen, it is actually really quite good. After he debuted the video he invoked a discussion on MTV about the term bitch, which you can read a bit on and view (if you’re in the US) here.

So, after being quite downbeat initially, could Food & Liquor 2 be shaping up to be a great American rap album?

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