There is no two ways about it; L’Orange is a quite exceptional producer. An interest in old cinema which filters its way through his music, his soulful, melancholic beats transform your world to a time where all was monochrome and all was melodrama and all vinyl crackled (but don’t misconstrue that, the dude has a banging snare). So, when he announced he had an album coming the anticipation went through the roof. Then he said it features Blu, Has-Lo and yU, and I knew I was copping this soon as it came out. And so it happened. The Mad Writer is a great album from someone who has musical philosophies and principles that are utterly commendable, and here is a record that wouldn’t dare compromise any of his values or integrity. So, listen, and purchase. I’ma cop that vinyl.

For his latest release, The Mad Writer, L

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