Raining Season is a three-track body of work presented by Abuja, Nigeria-based duo made up of producer REALMS and vocalist/songwriter Zirra. The title alludes to the wet season/rainy season in Nigeria, a time of the year when the country’s average annual rainfall occurs. Generally, the season lasts at least one month but it varies from region to region.  This project takes audiences through the start of the wet season as water cools down the tropical heat and explores the sensual emotions and overall reflective ambiance of being in the right place as the evening rain showers its blessings across the skies.


The project opens up with the title track “Raining Season” introduced by warm rain droplets, dreamy synths and dark pads. Bolstered by soft sparsely arranged drums and Zirra’s sultry melodic runs. He serenades his partner, imploring her to join him and explore other options as they watch the rain pouring outside. His airy vocals set the tone and are complemented by guest vocalist Samara who joins the fray with seductive lines like “I jump deep in your ocean,baby/When our lips meet, it’s a Tsunami baby/Losing control of my head and shoulders, knees and toes” which is capped by a rise in the chorus section. Next is the dark trap-soul track “Vulnerable” which explores the outpour of emotions of an individual lost in love with his lady. Over the surreal and moody backdrop, he pours adulations. He expresses his full commitment to her as he sings“Early morning whipping on my way to you/I have been drinking, thinking about this rendezvous yeah/Only been a week but it feel overdue/You take me to places that I never knew yeah”. Zirra’s knack for melodic pillows arranged sparsely is the icing on the cake and REALM’s dynamic production all come together like white on rice in this song. The final track “Careful” sees Zirra treading softly within blossoming love. He acknowledges his city-boy spirit but thinks of being faithful, at least to some extent. Bolstered by the gloomy pads, pulsating bass synths and crunch downtempo trap drums, Zirra takes us on a journey of self-discovery and growth as he explains “And you know I got some opps I keep a bulletproof/so when you see me baby, I gotta be careful”.


Overall, Raining Season sticks to familiar themes of love, lust and sensual satisfaction and it’s cohesive from start to finish. REALM’s sublime production is top notch and Zirra’s laidback airy vocal texture is a match made in heaven. The only gripe I have is it’s just too short.


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