LL Cool J joins a growing list of Hip-Hoppers with an expanding business portfolio. As well as being one of the all time legendary MCs he’s acted, written books, had a fashion line and even launched his own social network. The latest addition to the list is ‘My Connect Studio’, a piece of software to let users work together remotely but in real time, inspired by the modern culture of producers and MCs connecting all over the world. Not only that but he has a 13th album in the works. A busy man is LL Cool J.

At a conference showcasing ‘My Connect Studio’ in New York LL Cool J described the software as ‘the next level of  music creation’:

“[Producers] e-mail me the track, I’m e-mailing vocals – they don’t like something, I’m sending it back. We’re going back and forth and doing this dance. A lot of music is being created that way right now. What I wanted to do is be able to create music in real-time. You may get with a kid from London, you may get with a kid from Paris simply because you went on the site and visited the lobby and met somebody and went into a session and started creating. So this is the next level of music creation.”

I’d be interested in what any MCs/producers think about this; does it sound like a viable bit of kit? Leave a comment below.

Cool James also had this to say about his upcoming release:

“I’m going to be doing a little bit of the album on the [My Connect Studio], make sure that it is official. As a matter of fact I started on my album too. It’s authentic Hip Hop, it’s the business…it’s 2012, so it doesn’t sound like it would sound if it were 10 years ago or 20 years ago, but it’s definitely official. It’s a breath of fresh air. It doesn’t sound like anything that’s out right now. I think it’s crazy. It’s the business. It’s real.”

He’s been around a while and he’s not going away soon, it seems.

(via HipHopDX)

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