Just so we are clear, beat tapes are still a very valid thing and its been a while since I’ve actually come across one. So, you can understand why it was pretty difficult to pass up on this when it came my way. Different layers, different patterns, multiple styles and crazy use of samples is how best to describe this tape. On some levels its experimental and other times its quite soothing. Just press play and get with the experience.

“Cane Corso Records / Deadorchard, is an independent music label based out of Phoenix, Arizona. We focus mainly on hip hop instrumentals, but there is also alot of other genres and styles involved. We have a roster of producers from Toronto, Calgary, Sweden, Germany, England, California, New York, and Greece. Our artists have toured Canada, Western Europe and Japan. We offer over 60 albums in our discography and all compilation albums are offered for free download. We strive for original content and maintain a standard for quality music with an underground sensibility.  We will be releasing over two dozen albums in 2017.”

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