• Sometimes, you just feel like you’re dragging. Sometimes, the struggle seems overwhelming. You get dejected and become resigned to take the L. Sometimes, you want to throw in the towel. We’ve all been there a time or two (hundred thousand) before. We also know somebody who might still be in that same rut. Don’t just stand there though. Pray for the heathen…

VA based emcee Jered Sanders hits us with this profound self searching track titled “Heathen”. It’s a melancholic, soulful gem that sees the artist questioning a lot of things about themselves and things around them due to the unending struggle. Mr Sanders carefully crafts a relatable song that anyone can easily gravitate to.

Check it out right away.


Jered Sanders is an artist who is able to lyrically hopscotch through rhymes and flows. His clever metaphors and witty observances compliment a rhyme scheme that few could match let alone live up to. However, that is only a small portion of who he is an artist.

The VA by way of Florida rhymesayer, began his love affair with Hip Hop in elementary school. He was driven by his adoration for 2Pac to move toward the mic by the time he entered High School. But it would be a completely different calling on his life, that would once again cause Jered to switch up the verbage that he spit as well as the way in which he delivered it.

After the widely acclaimed success of his 2013 debut EP, “While You Were Waiting” a metamorphosis took place within Jered. In 2014, Jered became a minister for his church and found himself thinking about how he could be a better representation of a leader for the kids.

Knowing in his heart that he could do better than what he had previously been flooding the streets with, he decided to pull his former style of Hip Hop out of his repertoire and totally devote himself to crafting a new way of spitting that encouraged instead of assassinated. He followed his transition with his debut and sophomore full lengths, Daylight Savings Time and Hope Is Dope. He now has an upcoming LP entitled, “Nobody Famous.” releasing January 27th via Soulspazm Records.

So, what’s next in the cards for the MC? That chapter is yet to be written.

Here are the retail links for Nobody Famous:

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