Emerging Dolton, Illinois-based singer/songwriter/rapper Keonté (f/k/a Neko Nezzy) returns to our site with his new single “SERENADE”. The piano-driven love ballad showcases his vocal range and engaging story-telling which explores the life of a young man in 1920s Chicago and how he got derailed from his goals by a seductress. Over the mellow lounge-jazz soundscape made up of rich piano riffs, soft grooves and soulful strings, Keonté paints a vivid picture with his words like

She took my hand, we hid in a building I can smell it then
New Lanvin, so close to my body that its setting in
I say my name, she say the bad ones be so handsome
I hope this aint a trap but if it is, I just fell in it

He acknowledges his mistakes as he continues to fall for this mysterious lady who seems to have hypnotized him with her charm. In the end, we watch how his life then unfolds with interesting consequences.


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