LA-based hip-hop act Leeroy Jelks shares his new track titled “Abate” which displays the emcee’s dynamic flow and witty lyrics. The track was produced by Solrakmi who laces him with a mellow, solemn texture that helps accentuate Jelks’ depiction of his contradictory nature. Get it on Spotify.

“Abate” is Jelks sophomore single off his upcoming ‘Leeroy!’ EP.

Leeroy Jelks is an alternative boom bap hip hop artist currently residing in Los Angeles, California. Alt- boom bap is a unique blend of lofi boom bap beats layered with unorthodox flows and rhyme schemes. Leeroy has been writing since the age of 8 but didn’t start taking music seriously and releasing until the 2016. He released his first single, “Juice from concentrate” to lukewarm reception which showed him that he still had a long way to go before reaching the pinnacle that he felt he deserved. After releasing his first project, “Shadow boxing with the lights off” in 2017, Leeroy took a year and a half off to hone his craft before making more music again. Now, in 2019 hes gearing up to release his second project, “Leeroy!”, an Ep that he’s sure will please the ears of many.


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