Lafayette Stokely whom we featured here once, hit me up with this video and at first glance, doesn’t fail to disappoint. Sonically we are presented with a haunting,gloomy atmosphere courtesy of the beat by Rob Yung and an equally broody piano solo at the start of the clip gives us a taste of what to come.

Visually, this may not be the best video that I have seen but I can assure you it’s miles away from being subpar. Simple shots, intertwined scenes and a structured narrative really helped accentuate the life and death concept. I reckon the noir scenes represent Lafayette’s mental battle with the grim reaper of some sort(watch out for that sucker punch at 2:47).

“2 jobs and I can barely pay my phone bill, my chicks stressing man, 

I think I might just grab this smith and wessing and just blast myself

Hey pass the L, I don’t smoke but I think I need it

My back’s against the ropes and I feel real defeated

This is taken from his EP Life’s Journey. My last cent is we need more creative songs such as this. You don’t have to go major to craft something as this.

ps: this is not a review or critique, I just love pointing out things that strike a chord in me

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