Indie Western Pennsylvania-based artists KUB and J Don are longtime collaborators and have a number of songs together and now they return with a new track “Nothin New 3”. The bouncy track made up of lush chords, warm pads and an undeniable groove serves as an introduction for new fans who might not be privy to their music.

KUB set the tone with an assertive chorus before dropping lines like “I put some years in the game they sayin I ain’t the same/ But really I just ain’t a kid no more/ I know my faults I’m at blame internal thoughts turn to shame/ But I’m like really what I do that for” which help give listeners an insight into what he has been up to and where he has been. J Don follows through on the final verse with a commanding vocal tone and vivid lyricism reminding us that they have been on their grind and ready to reach the pinnacle of success in due time.


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