Haven’t posted about a Ritmo Sportivo mix for a minute. They are great, really truely fantastic, with a wide variety of dope sounds from old school Hip Hop to glitch to motown to smooth jazz. I urge you to check them out. This is a relatively recent one, done by Krts of the wonderful Project:MOONCIRCLE, not only a dope producer but as he demonstrates he has a good taste in music too. Download and tracklists after the jump…
Ritmo are a real fresh label, supporting and pushing the best in progressive Hip Hop. They also have wondefully quirky descriptions of their music and mixes, this is the one specifically for this mix:
Anyone that lives and works anywhere in these 5 boroughs knows what rush hour on the trains is like. It’s a pure rush running into and through people. A constant on-the-go. It’s not till you finally get to either sit down in the train or get at a point where you can lean against something and feel at ease that you can collect yourself. This mix tells a story about just trying to get home…
[viral-lock]DOWNLOAD ‘Subway Rush Hour’ HERE[/viral-lock]
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